Wedding and Portrait Photography


We want to live in the moment with you,

while capturing it for you to keep forever...


Who are we?

You know that moment when you knew that your significant other was the "one?" When you were looking at them from across the dinner table while they slurped the spaghetti slinging sauce everywhere, and you thought to yourself there they are... the one i'm going to clean up after for the rest of my life (insert heart eye emoji.) 

Well our story is kinda like that, except we're both married to other people. We're work wives [click].  "We" are Kate and Janea. We started shooting weddings together in 2013 and along the way discovered that weddings were a lot more fun when were together. We get to build off of each others creativity while catching things that the other might overlook. Which makes us sorta like super heros, but better because we are real.



 Prepare yourselves for an overload of gorgeousness below!