Ben & Sara | Estes Park Wedding | February 2018


I know we gush about couples a the time... but THEY DESERVE ITTTTT! Especially these two. You know when you meet a couple of people who just has a magnetism? When they stare into each others eyes you can just tell they're looking at their home... well that's a lot like what it feels like to watch Sara and Ben. We can't stand the level of adorable. We kept catching ourselves creepily smile at them from behind the camera.

We are so happy that the universe works the way it does and brought these two together. P.S. In case you needed proof of how lucky these two are... it actually snowed, like a lot, on their wedding day. Which Sara was really hoping for and we were doubtful of because if you live in Colorado you know it hasn't been the snowiest winter we've had. The sky doesn't lie and neither do we.

These two make magic together! 

Thank you to our amazing vendor friends for making this day as magical as ever.

Dress: Hayley Paige
Ceremony: Black Canyon Inn
           Reception: Mary's Lake Lodge             
Glam: Bella Capelli
DJ: DJ Connection
Desserts: Dessert Stand

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