Change is good.


Another Big Change Time!

Weddings have smuggled so much of our time and attention that we have decided to solely specialize in them. We want to put forth all of our time and energy into perfecting every last trick there is to be uncovered and really go for the gold. Unfortunately, that means we will be unable to take on any new family photo clients. While we are so, so grateful to all the families we’ve been able to grow with over the years. We are no longer able to fairly accommodate family shoots within our scheduling and resources.

The great news is we have connected with some lovely photographers who do and amazing job and our heading in the opposite direction as us! Funny how the world works right? It's was SO important to us that we found a couple of pros that we trust before we announced this change. Even if we aren't able to provide you all with family portraits, we want you to use someone that we would also trust to do ours, not just someone at an acceptable price point. 

Again, thank you for the opportunity and we’d be more than happy the send any inquiring humans in the right direction to beautiful heirloom photos, just not by us anymore (sad face).

This was a particularly hard decision for Janea as she has been shooting family portraits since 2007. That's over a decade of laughing, happy tears, and full hearts. Shes's been struggling on how best to go about this saying good-bye to such a huge facet of her own business in the last eleven years. So we decided to celebrate all the amazing times  had during family sessions with a nice photo homage. 

Que Enya music in 3....2......1.....

We can’t wait to see what we accomplish with our new heads fully focused!

Love you all!

Kaitlin MacLeanComment