Jeff & Amy | Steamboat Wedding | Tivoli Reception


So, you know how there are those funny posts on Pinterest where people make things for their wedding and totally mess it up, then post a picture of it with the caption "nailed it?" 

Well this story is NOTHING like one of those posts. They actually nailed it.

This is my version of the captivating tale that is Jeff and Amys' wedding. 

Admittedly this is one of the harder blogs posts I've written lately. Not because i'm struggling for things to say, but because so very many details of this pair's nuptials are ingrained into my brain. I mean the DIY touches of this wedding were off the charts. Amy handmade the most unique bridesmaids bouquets I have ever seen for her wedding. She perfectly grouped types of dried flowers and grasses to create the ideal fall wedding florals. An added bonus of these dried masterpieces is they won't wilt because they are already dried and preserved. Amy also opted for a gorgeous, ever-lasting wood flower bouquet for herself. Such a savvy and fun alternative to traditional florals. The floral accent that really got me wasn't the most obvious one of the day though.

When I walked into Amy's getting ready suite to start nabbing up details, I noticed a seemingly perfect snippet of vine sitting in a small glass on the nightstand. It didn't take long for Amy's sister and friends to fill my on what the said vine was/represented. You guyssssssssss. This vine had been growing since her parents wedding. Can you believe that? It gets better, not only was it around for quite some time, but it was in fact the cultivated descendant of the very same vine that was in Amy's mothers bouquet. Amy's father had kept the original vine going for the girls to have at their wedding. So here I am looking down at this little plant just resting in water, and I'm thinking just how FULL of memories and meanings it was... and can i tell you how fast fast I snatched up some bridesmaids dresses and ran down stairs to recompose under the guise of shooting detail images. I'm too emotional for that level of meticulous and unrelentingly love ladies and gentleman. At least people can't see me cry behind my camera, right?

Anyway, after I got myself together and finished you know the first of my job, Jeff sends one of his friends over with a gift for Amy. I'm thinking I'm good, I can handle gifts. LITTLE DID I KNOW...Jeff is one of, if not THE most thoughtful human on the planet. He not only writes Amy this beautifully written note that gets hear eyes swelling with tears ever so slightly but includes the Rosary in which he prayed on for his future partner during his mission trips. STOP IT, right? Thankfully the next part had me so awestruck i didn't have time to slide back into the emotional mess that is my life. Amy then pulls out this plaque and coming from a Catholic background I immediately recognize the face as the Pope, which was intriguing. Then I read the plaque, and it explained how Jeff had somehow gotten their marriage blessed by the pope. YES, I said BLESSED BY THE POPE. How does that even happen?  

After one of the most gorgeous and heartfelt ceremonies I've ever seen in, we headed up Mount Werner to take some couples portraits and what a genuinely enthralling experience that was. First of all, I had never been on a Gondola in non-blizzard type conditions. This was fall, and there was rain, and then there was fog, and then we were on the fog. It felt a whole lot like magic. I don't think I have ever been more hyper active then I was on the top of that mountain. A BIG shoutout to Amy and Jeff for going along with me through my jittery word jumbling. Anyway when it was all said and done, I captured what were some of my favorite portraits to date. It's had to really get drama mixed with the right amount of casual. These two were just born to be that level of classy and boy am I glad for it.

Cut to Reception a little late on at the Tivoli Student Center in Denver.

I can't really stress the amount of first I had in this wedding. You'd think being from New York i'd be used to photographing cities, but no, not the case. I was all ooooo and ahhhsss from the view of the Denver Skyline from the lawn of the Tivoli. It's seriously such an amazing city view. I couldn't handle it. The building itself was so neat too! It's laid out all old-timey theater style with just the right amount of distress. The level of glam the building holds is just inconceivable to me. Oh and the band! Thumpin' was sooooooo good, like hard to keep still good. I was really jamming out to them even crouched down and taking dance floor photos. The mixture of beautiful people (inside and out), fantastic music and bright lights glittering on the skyline made this the perfect night. So much so that I felt like one of those Hollywood star photographers... even in my $15 sketchers.  -Kate

The BIGGEST thank you to Jeff, Amy and their crew to making me feel so welcomed. 

Yours is truly a wedding I won't soon forget.


Church: Holy Name Catholic Church

Venue: Tivoli Student Union

Catering: Serendipity

Band: Thumpin'