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Mandy & Jonathan | Della Terra Wedding

Mandy and Johnathan have that classic sort of love. The kind that envelops casual Sundays hanging out, watching movies or maybe going skiing if the season is right. These two are so relaxed and laid back being around them is like a breath of fresh air. They are the type of couple that when they ask you about your day, they actually mean it. So it was no surprise how much love and happiness was floating around in the air on their wedding day. We got to uphold the tradition of taking a group photo of their ENORMOUS pool of close friends. We even made Jonathan's mom join in as it was her that made sure the tradition was never looked over but had never been in one of the photos.

As cool as seeing just how many people care for this couple, one of our favorite parts of the day was witnessing Mandy and Jonathan's own caring during the first look. Mandy and Jonathan had their first look on the walkway approaching the tiny ponds below the ceremony site. It's secluded enough to have privacy down, but still open enough to have beautiful light. Mandy had to sneak passed some wild turkeys (that seem to always be at Della Terra) to tap Jonathan on the shoulder. As he turned around he couldn't contain his emotion. The genuine excitement on Jonathan's face as he saw Mandy for the first time definitely made the back of my camera fog up. I mean seriously his smile was a mile wide and he even did that back up to take it all in thing that you see in movies. It definitely made my the day memorable for us!

Thank you to our amazing vendor friends for making this day as magical as ever.

 Oh P.S. check out the new "Salon" at Della Terra. So much getting ready room, in such perfect Della Terra looking decor. Stone, warm neutrals, everything a elegant mountain chateau should be. 

Dress :Stella York
Venue: Della Terra Mountain Chateau 
Glam: Bella Capelli
Florals: Florals of Europe
Band: Rockslide
Cake(s): Whole Foods