Who are we?

You know that moment when you knew that your significant other was the "one?" When you were looking at them from across the dinner table while they slurped the spaghetti slinging sauce everywhere, and you thought to yourself there they are... the one I'm going to clean up after for the rest of my life (insert heart eye emoji.) 

Well our story is kinda like that, except we're both married to other people. We're work wives [click].  "We" are Kate and Janea. We started shooting weddings together in 2013 and along the way discovered that weddings were a lot more fun when were together. We get to build off of each others creativity while catching things that the other might overlook. Which makes us sorta like super heros, but better because we are real.

How did we get started?…

We, Kate and Janea, started off this business as couple of fun-loving photographer friends who teamed up to make a creative photography collective called Shutter and Stone. We bonded over our love of hikes, "neature", and photography. Shooting weddings together is something we couldn't get enough of so now we don't go without each other. Our weddings are full of creative musing, grass olympics, & lots of laughter. We both reside in the Estes Park Valley and love to shoot in our back yard of Rocky Mountain National Park. 


Hi! I’m Janea

I am a near life-long local of Estes Park. Most people call me “J”. I am a dog loving, wine drinking, creative minded foodie with a soul that thrives in the mountains.  I love traveling and even spent months in Bali learning about the culture and exploring as much as possible. Being in nature makes my heart smile and meeting new people brings me joy and inspiration.

I’ve have always been the girl that makes her friends stop and re-play a moment, just to capture it on camera. My love for portrait photography began in 2008. I had the honor of capturing an engagement session for two people whom I still keep in contact with today.  Watching the sparks fly between the two of them from behind the lens, forever impacted my soul…

I love true colors, laughter & adventurous couples. My goal is to create artistic, timeless images for you and your loved ones to cherish for a lifetime, and tell your love story through images that capture the true spirit of your wedding day and the beginning of your lives together.


(   Sharee Davenport Photography   )

And I'm Kate!

I'm originally from Central New York, where I had a really simple upbringing as the child of a dairy farmer and a teacher. in 2011 I moved to Colorado, consequently picking up photography and never letting it go. I've been shooting weddings since 2014 when Janea convinced me to leave me wildlife perch and check it out. I've been hooked on romance ever since!

As a human i'd describe myself as active, adventurous, fun-loving, and often charmingly vulgar. I think I'm pretty funny, I'm probably not. What's life without cheap humor? I get super hyped up about Harry Potter and Disney. I will literally stop any activity to talk about those two things. #obsessed

When it comes to education, I love it. I love learning and if I could, would spend my life in College. I have a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science so I'm nearly a professional tree-hugger. I carry my love for the environment into all of my sessions. i love for my clients to be pulled into the scene around them both photographically and metaphorically. My favorite thing is to capture care-free, love-filled people going on adventures. Whether that adventure is marriage, welcoming a new family member, or celebrating the family you already have, I'd love to journey with you along the way.



Everyone meet Billy!

Hi I am Billy, Laughter and smiles. Those two things mean everything to me. They define my entire personality. I enjoy myself everywhere I travel and with everyone I come into contact with. If I can make someone’s day brighter or lighter, I will do everything that I can to make that happen.

I have lived in three different countries, seeing and meeting people from all over the globe. During my nearly two years in Europe, I learned a language, met people from almost every country I can think of and visited Dracula’s castle. I have held babies in Romania and fought for kids to be adopted and given a permanent home. And in my year in Costa Rica, I experienced wildlife (yes I have photos) like I have never seen. Most of all, I have experienced life with people. Those experiences shaped me.

Weddings are a perfect outlet for me. The creativity, the love, the joy, and the guests all make it so special. It is a huge honor to be part of the biggest day in a couple’s life. And my job is to tell that story so that they can look back and remember it forever. With just over 400 weddings captured I feel like I am just getting started!



Welcome Beth to our Team!

Hello! I’m Beth, and my journey back to photography has been full of surprises and anything but linear. From being my family’s photographer to writing and shooting for my school newspaper, taking photos was always a part of my life. My original dream of being a photojournalist took me to the Rochester Institute of Technology where I lived in a dark room for a few years (digital hadn’t quite taken off yet) and emerged, my early-20-something-year-old-self ready for other adventures. So I moved around and out of the country, pursued other passions, got a master’s degree in philosophy, and tried out the corporate world, but was always restless.

Estes Park became home five years ago when I returned to photography and myself by opening my own business, Create & Capture Photobooth. My favorite thing about the photobooth is also true of wedding photography: creating something beautiful, unique,and memorable for the awesome couples who choose to work with me. Authentically connecting with people and their environments is the most important part of what I do.

Things I love: good coffee, climbing mountains, Harry Potter (also the reason I knew I could trust Kate), dessert and the desert, flannel sheets, yoga, bluegrass music,equality, and the Oxford comma.